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Migration Agent

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by ciberjohn, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. ciberjohn

    ciberjohn Guest

    Hello friends.

    I have a plesk 7 in windows and I'm trying to fogure out how to migrate to a brand new machine. The thing is I don't have in sigth the migration agent. Could someone help me ? Thanks in advance.
  2. ciberjohn

    ciberjohn Guest

    Hellow....this is nice :) Replying to myself :)

    Well, as Jennifer said to us by email, migration agent for plesk in Windows, it's still in development. Then from SWS they said to make a full backup and a restore n the new plesk. The thing is, this does not work!!!!. So, thanks to SWfot lack of attention to windows Plesk ( and we only have one because of some clients requirements, we don't really like windows ) we will have to do the following:
    1.st » clone the hard drive to have a backup. Done an simple.
    2.nd » try to put the cloned hard drive in the new machine. As all of you can figure......in a w23k Server....this will bee lot's of fun!
    And just a warning: I would not advice anyone to use the upgrader....a few months ago we did it, following SWS infications, and we had to rebuild everything in order to try to make a rollback.....we are talking about 500 domains :-s

    The best in all this was...that we spend the night at our datacenter waiting for a reply from SwSoft.....the last answere was the one who told us about the backup/restore.

    Well, but ot everything its bad. We've done migrations several times in Linux and they all went well. The only thing about linux releases is that SWS tend to take a bit long time to get us releases updated to Linux OS releases.

    Bigger Hug to everyone