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Modify Webmail Subdomain On A Per Domain Basis?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by greenisp, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. greenisp

    greenisp Guest

    I am trying to setup a third email client option for our users. The client in question is Roundcube and I've confirmed it is all working correctly.

    As I understand it I need to setup a Virtual Host config for each domain in question where I want to redirect the subdomain webmail to the new client, instead of horde.

    For example, using the xyz.com domain in the example for privacy reasons I have placed the following configuration in this file: /path/to/vhosts/xyz.com/subdomains/webmail/conf/vhost.conf

    <VirtualHost ipaddress:80>
    ServerName webmail.xyz.com:80
    ServerAlias webmail.xyz.com
    UseCanonicalName Off
    ServerAlias webmail.xyz.com
    ServerAlias webmail.xyz.com
    SuexecUserGroup xyzuser xyzgroup
    ServerAdmin email@xyz.com
    DocumentRoot /path/to/vhosts/xyz.com/httpdocs/roundcubemail

    I’m having mixed results with this configuration. On my IE7 machine at work it asks me what I want to do with the ‘file’ – open, save or cancel. Yet at home I get sent to the standard Horde webmail login page.

    I have also used the same configuration in a file called /path/to/vhosts/xyz.com/conf/vhost.conf which had the same results.

    I do not simply want to replace horde, in case they ever decide they no longer want Roundcube, in which case I can simply remove the vhost config.

    Can you please advise what I am doing wrong, as I understand this should be working and it has me stumped.

    Thanks in advance.