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More improvement opportunities...

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.1 for Linux' started by jbays, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. jbays

    jbays Guest

    These first 3 relate to the Design page:

    1) I'd like to see a checkbox on the design page to control whether or not to display the company name below the logo. Many companies include their name with the logo and having it also appear below the logo looks bad. The work around is to have the company name in SiteBuilder be "". However, if you do that then the page titles read like this "-Home" or "-Contact us" instead of "My Website-"Home" and "My Website-Contact us".

    2) It would be nice if the system would tell us the banner and logo size dimensions.

    3) End users would like the ability to control the font settings for the title, sub title and footer message. This means font type, size, color, bold, etc.


    4) On the page edit screen, it would be nice to have a "menu name" option that is different from the "page title". I'd like to have longer page titles that appear in the browser window title bar when a page is selected as this helps with search engine rankings. Then I'd like a shorter name to actually appear as the menu item for my website. I think this item may be on your enhancement list already.

    5) Currently there are "resellers" and "site owners". It would be nice if both of these users could create "page owners". A page owner would have access to modify changes made to one a page that was created by a "site owner". A page owner cannot delete the page or change it's position in the sitemap. They can update the contents on that page and even create and control subpages below it. A page owner could be assigned ownership to several pages on the same site.

    6) It would be nice if the same template could appear in multiple categories without having to create a different template and rename it.

    7) It would be also be nice if files could be attached to feedback forms. I have a client who is a printer and people need to attached images and PSD files to the messages they send to him. Currently the only way to do this is via e-mail, but that means I need to have his e-mail address on the website which opens him up to spammers.

    8) There should be a way for SiteBuilder to automatically generate a sitemap.xml file for me and allow me to either submit that to search engines and/or also generate a robots.txt file.