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Move everything to another server. (Everything)

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Kalyse, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Kalyse

    Kalyse Guest

    I was running Plesk from Windows but was unhappy with running IIS and some other aspects s I decided I wanted to run it on a Linux Distros.

    Unfortunately I didn't have any Linux servers only Windows, so I installed Fedora Core4 as a virtual environment on one of my Windows Machines.

    The quest is when I get a chance to go to the Datacenter I will actual reformat the box and install Linux on it. My question is I am starting to host sites on this Virtual Environment already, how easy will it be to migrate everything off of the virtual enviroment and onto the real server in lets say 6-8 weeks when I can next head to the Data Center.

    I dont want to be stuck on the Virtual Enviroment but I dont want to lose all the sites on it when I do move.

    Please answer if you feel you can contribute anything. I want to hear any responses.
  2. Kalyse

    Kalyse Guest

    Any one can advise please?

    Is this o do with the migration tools?
  3. stupidnic

    stupidnic Guest

    For the most part the migration manager handles these sort of moves with realtive ease.

    It moves over the domains, the web content, the logs, the email and any email in those mailboxes, the databases, etc...

    About the only problem we have had were with pathing as we moved from a Plesk 5.0.5 machine to a 8.0.1 machine and paths to the web space changed from /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts to /var/www/vhosts. This effected customers with hard coded paths in their PHP scripts.

    Overall the process works well. You shouldn't have too much trouble.
  4. Kalyse

    Kalyse Guest

    Thats great to know.

    Thanks for your advise. I just want to know before I go to the Datacenter that everything is going to be okay and I can acheive what I want.
  5. petjez

    petjez Guest

    Is this really a MOVE action??? If this is a move action all data will be lost on the source server???


  6. stupidnic

    stupidnic Guest

    No. It isn't a true "move" action. The Migration Manager creates copies of all the data on the old server and replicates it on the new server.

    By move I was mainly referring to moving from one server to another as your hosting platform, not so much the physical data itself.
  7. Who-m3

    Who-m3 Guest

    Along with the use of the Migration Manager or the Backup Utilities, I'd still recommend a backup of the "virtual drive" you're currently using to host the sites. This way, if something does go wrong, you have a secondary backup. No, I don't think the Migration Manager would give you any problems, but I'd rather have a second or third backup just to be safe. Customers tend to not be as accepting when it comes to their sites just disappearing...