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moving to new server

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by chriz1, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. chriz1

    chriz1 Guest

    Hello ,

    I acquired a new server and am trying the easy way to backup and restore my domains from server I to server II.

    I get this message:
    Unable to restore file: Error: domain_bu: Can't find public key in database:' domain_bu: Can't get public key to verify dump signature

    How should I proceed?
    Both servers are online, but I want to cancel the first one, once everything has been copied to the new one.

    Thanks for your advice,
  2. chriz1

    chriz1 Guest


    I found the solution on this forum.

    Retrieving BU-certificate from old server and inserting it in psa-database of new server.
    Did it and it works flawlessly.

  3. chriz1

    chriz1 Guest

    Well, a little problem after all.

    The smaller domains restored without problem but one domain with several subdomains, databases and email accounts didn't restore.

    Backup file does not exist.

    The backup file DOES exist, but is 7.75GB, quite big.
    Could that be the problem?

    I added the BU-certificate in 'misc' and 'certificates' tables.
    in 'misc' I simply added the ID (6 in my case)
    in 'certificates' I added the cert that I exported from my old server (still online by the way)


    As a last resort I could
    recreate all subdomains
    recreate all databases
    recreate all database-users
    recreate all email accounts
    FTP everything over to the new server

    but I would like to do it using the plesk-backup for more than one reason :)


    OH, I am using PLESK 7.5.4 for linux fc2
  4. pchammer

    pchammer Guest

    When you backup, you are supposed to "split" the volume into smaller pieces. I think the max filesize should never exceed 2gb ....use 1 or 1.5 to be safe.
  5. chriz1

    chriz1 Guest

    new psa backup option multivolum

    Hey, thanks, indeed, I just discovered that multivolume is available in the latest PLESK version.
    The backup was made in v7.5.3, so I upgraded to plesk v7.5.4 and made a multivolume backup (pieces of 500MB)

    I'l let you know if everything works out (but I am pretty sure it will)

    Thank you :)
  6. chriz1

    chriz1 Guest

    not yet there

    Using multivolume backs up just fine, BUT when trying to restore on the new server I get this message:
    not a valid backup file

    pff, will keep trying, ;;;