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myPhpAdmin database recovery

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Deen@, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Deen@

    Deen@ Guest

    How do i login to myphpadmin as the admin sql user?

    With plesk i see that i can login to each indvidual domain, but i dont see a way to login as the admin mysql account so that i can have full rights.

    Heres the situation:

    1. have a mysqldump of all my databases
    2. I want to import them in myphpadmin
    3. I cant seem to figure out how to login as admin myql in myphpadmin
  2. Ghazz

    Ghazz Guest

    I have the exact same situation. I have 2 DB's I am trying to import dumps for. I dont have any permissions, so of course it fails. I have looked through every option in the Plesk control panel and looked at all help documents, cant find squat. Someone help us, Please.
  3. Ghazz

    Ghazz Guest

  4. Deen@

    Deen@ Guest

    i figured out a way..

    heres what you can do:

    1. Create a new database and database user for the domain whose database you want to recover

    2. Open up the dump file in a text editor

    (if your using windows the user wordpad so that the file will be formated, otherwise in notepad you wont have any margins)

    3. all the databases that are dumped in the file start off with:

    -- Current databse: whatever _name

    so basically copy everything under it up until you see the next database name:

    -- Current databse: another _name

    now open a new text file, paste what you copied into it and then save it as whatevername.sql

    4. go back to plesk and goto the users domain and pick the database you created in step 1 and click the DB WebAdmin.

    Once your in dbwebadmin

    a. select the database name that we created in step 1 from the left colum .

    b select SQL from the tabs on top

    c. where it says location of the text file, click the browse button and selefct the new file you made in step3

    Just hit go and it will import.
  5. Ghazz

    Ghazz Guest

    I figured this out as well, but what I did was create the DB and USER, then I had to log into the shell, then into MYSQL, then I typed GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO user@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'thepassword' ; Then I flushed privileges and it finally worked, I had permissions and could import the dumps.
  6. Ghazz

    Ghazz Guest

  7. deepakapte06

    deepakapte06 Guest


    but what if i wish to fire my queries via php code?

    my queries on the similar topic
    these problems are bugging me for some time now.

    1] when i log on to myphpadmin, i am only able to see the databases created using the webAdmin only. All thought many more databases exist on the server, i cannot search and include these other databases that i have created using php queries.

    i can use the show databases query, and fire other queries with ease on phpmyadmin.
    2] also the query takes the single visible database and uses it by default to fire the queries. i have to add a use <DB_NAME> query each time as a prerequisite to use the desired database.

    Waiting for quick response!