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Need help installing 2.0

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by Sinystra, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Sinystra

    Sinystra Guest


    I'm new to all of this and I just bought the Sitebuilder and I have no clue on how to install the thing. I need help. I dont know who to contact if I need to have someone who knows how to set it up for me. I have my own dedicated server its my first one. So if anyone is helpful or can explain in detail for me. I have ADD so its hard to understand some stuff.

    thank you
  2. poke

    poke Guest

    Fresh 2.0 install right? I think you might just use the plesk updater in the control panel to install the SB. I'm not sure if that's for the remote module only though. If so, just log into swsoft's site and download the Site Builder rpm's suitable for your OS and grab the release file which explains how to install it. Hope this helps...

  3. decision

    decision Guest

    I am new too, it is hard because all information is for technician
    but this is my experience.

    It is for SiteBuilder for Red Hat 9
    1. Use this program to transfer sitebuilder 2 from your workstation to your server, download this program from this link

    2. Install this to your workstation and run
    the information that you need for this program is
    a. your Host name ( IP number )
    b. your User name = root
    c. your password for root user = ?
    d. protocol = SFTP (allow SCP....)

    3. transfer Sitebuilder-2.0.0-rh9.build050606.17.tgz ( your PC )
    TO /usr/local (remote server)

    4 Use this program to execute your installation

    5. The information that you need for this program is
    a. your Host name ( IP number ) and port 22
    b. protocol = SSH
    c. open

    6. In this new screen you have to enter this
    a. login as = root
    b. root (..) password = ?
    c. change your directory with this command
    cd /usr
    cd local
    rpm -Uhv --force *.rpm ( before force is two - )

    At the end you receive more or less this message
    ------------------ Begin
    Sitebuilder was installed sucessfully. Do not forget to make changes to the DNS records of your server so that the domain
    name http://sitebuilder.yourdomainname to this server.
    ------------------ End
    Try this, later I make change de DNS record
  4. wurdzwurk

    wurdzwurk Guest

    finally! sweatin' for a minute... worked thanks.