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Newbie here: Publishing issues

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.0 for Windows' started by slvfreak, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. slvfreak

    slvfreak Guest


    -sorry if my use of technical terms is a little off-

    I purchased my domain and web hosting three weeks ago, and it was not until yesterday that I was able to sucessfully log into my site builder account.

    I've created a sample website through the site builder program to make sure (before I did anything serious) that it would publish correctly, and sure enough, it didn't.I've been using a regular html editor to create my pages and have used filezilla as my ftp program to upload them. Works perfectly.

    But I do not know what 1/2 of the things are that Sitebuilder is asking me for to publish my website! Please Help!

    Publishing Mode: FTP (on the side it mentions several things, but ONLY FTP is showing up in the dropdown list.)

    Host: routhost.com (http:// ? www. ?)

    Port: 21 (know this for a fact)

    login/password: If they worked in filezilla, they'll work on here, right?

    working directory: what the hell is that?

    website url: http://www.website.com , right?

    Also, I'm used to publishing one page at a time through my html editor whereas sitebuilder edits the WHOLE site at once, and I'm used to selecting the particular public html folder for my subdomains for each page in the FTP program; how does site builder know which page goes to which subdomain? Should there be a particular folder which I would submit this entire site to?

    Anddd, I cannot select a different option for my publishing mode, BUT when I click publish, the error that comes up says that this host does not accept publishing through FTP--what the hell? First off, I cannot select another option (they simply DO NOT exist) and secondly, that is how I've uploaded all of my other pages, through an FTP program with my html editor.

    ----or, is there an EASY way to do this: is there anywhere in sitebuilder (if so, I have yet to find it) where I can VIEW THE CODE of my individual pages, so that I can simply copy and paste it onto my normal html editor----

    THANK YOU!!!
  2. Alex Klimov

    Alex Klimov Guest