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  1. mircea_hosteur

    mircea_hosteur Guest

    you have few solutions in order to do that:

    1. first of all do a full backup of your plesk domains and accounts

    make a manual backup of your MSSQL DATABASE folder (the one who has your customer's databases and master database)

    try to use plesk install and access by Contro Panel, Add Remove programs, modify Plesk install then uncheck MSDE or MSDE ...

    it will uninstall your MSDE

    then do the same after a reboot in order to reinstall MSDE, using Plesk Install and

    2. I also sugest you to try using an antivirus to check all your Plesk updates and Windows Updates, to install also all the pathes available for MSDE or SQL from Microsoft and so on. Try to make a full scan with some software exploits detection ...

    You should also post this problem on some SQL dedicated forums . I am sure that if this is really a security problem you will find similar infos.