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phpMyAdmin CSS broken due to key error message

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by phorium, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. phorium

    phorium Guest

    First, a big thank you to SWsoft for upgrading phpMyAdmin to 2.6.0-pl3. However, when viewing the page, all of the CSS on the right-hand frame is broken and the layout is a disaster. I did some digging and figured out what the problem is.

    If you have the developer toolbar installed on FireFox and you use it to view the CSS, you'll see that this code has been added to the top of the external CSS file, which causes it to be ignored:

    <head> <title>Key Error</title>
    <body bgcolor='#ffffff'>
    <script> <!--
    alert('The key that you are using is invalid for the product version you are running.\nTo purchase a new key go to the Plesk Online Store at www.sw-soft.com or contact\nsales@sw-soft.com.');
    //--> </script>
    </body> </html>

    I know I don't have any Plesk Key problems, so this is obviously a bug.

    I'm hoping there's a way to fix this, because it's very difficult to browse and use without the proper CSS formatting...
  2. DiLDoG

    DiLDoG Guest

    Same here, very anoying, does anyone know a quickfix?
  3. Feldprediger

    Feldprediger Guest

    is the url of the external css file, right? hm, there ist no
    at the top of this file here.
    But the problem is the same: No CSS at the right (main-)frame.
  4. phorium

    phorium Guest

    That text (quote) is not in the CSS file physically... it is added dynamically at the beginning of the CSS file like a PHP include. It seems like a bug because that should be showing up in the HTML of the page and therefore in the browser - instead it's showing up in the CSS file which causes the browser to ignore it as invalid CSS.

    It's a pain in the *** and I can't figure out where it's getting included from, but it's not important enough for me to pay SW Soft a rediculous support fee.
  5. DiLDoG

    DiLDoG Guest

    submitted a ticked, they said they would add it to dev bugtracker.
  6. Feldprediger

    Feldprediger Guest

    yeah! I found the bug! :)
    It's the include() in phpmyadmin.css.php

    You can replace
    in line 43, 53 and 63 (phpmyadmin.css.php,v 2.32 2004/09/23 14:36:54)
  7. phorium

    phorium Guest

    Brilliant!!! It worked perfectly!!

    Thank you!!
  8. DiLDoG

    DiLDoG Guest

    That did the trick.
    Thank you allot! shame on you sw-soft :p