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Plesk 7.5.4 - /admin directory exists with stuff??

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by prservices, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. prservices

    prservices Guest


    I installed oscommerce on one of my domains, when I try to go to the admin area /admin it load completely different files which I assume are related to plesk somehow..

    I have attached a screenshot to illustrate.

    Any help appreciated!!
  2. prservices

    prservices Guest

    Hmm, I uploaded the file but does'n't seem to have come through, here is the directory I see when I point my browser to domain.com/admin/

    Parent Directory -
    admin.css 23-Aug-2004 10:52 2.0K
    banner.jsp 23-Aug-2004 10:52 2.1K
    blank.jsp 23-Aug-2004 10:52 526
    buttons.jsp 23-Aug-2004 10:52 441
    connector/ 10-Mar-2006 13:25 -
    context/ 10-Mar-2006 13:25 -
    defaultcontext/ 10-Mar-2006 13:25 -
    dumpRegistry.jsp 23-Aug-2004 10:52 1.0K
    dumpServer.jsp 23-Aug-2004 10:52 796
    error.jsp 23-Aug-2004 10:52 716
    footer.jsp 23-Aug-2004 10:30 0
    header.jsp 23-Aug-2004 10:52 309
    host/ 10-Mar-2006 13:25 -
    images/ 10-Mar-2006 13:25 -
    index.jsp 23-Aug-2004 10:52 1.0K
    logger/ 10-Mar-2006 13:25 -
    login.jsp 23-Aug-2004 10:52 2.6K
    realm/ 10-Mar-2006 13:25 -
    resources/ 10-Mar-2006 13:25 -
    saved.jsp 23-Aug-2004 10:52 968
    server/ 10-Mar-2006 13:25 -
    service/ 10-Mar-2006 13:25 -
    tree-control-test.css 23-Aug-2004 10:52 325
    tree-control-test.jsp 23-Aug-2004 10:52 824
    users/ 10-Mar-2006 13:25 -
  3. wagnerch

    wagnerch Guest

    Someone mapped /admin through mod_webapp to Tomcat. "WebAppDeploy" would be the Apache directive.
  4. Tadej

    Tadej Guest

    I have the very same problem with oscommerce.
    Could anyone help me solve this problem step by step.
    Dunno what to do.