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plesk.apache/spamassasign/migration manager.... GRRRRR

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by bcscomp, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. bcscomp

    bcscomp Guest

    Ok everyone, i'm sure that this may seem like some easy issues to some of you, but since last night i'm about to beat myself to death trying to figure this **** out.....
    and yes i did try to browse the forums around 1 am or so and i might have missed something in them....
    as i state in the email to support plesk says i'm up to date, what i didn't tell them is yum also says i'm up to date...
    Below is a copy of the email i'm sending to support
    and thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help me out here.

    there was an issue with the migration manager showing a blank page in the control panel which i was able to fix using a tip i found in the forums, then........

    i transfered a domain www.eastsideroofing.com from a cpanel box to my plesk box, upon doing so i went to the site, instead of seeing the site's web page, or even the default placeholder page i see the default plesk page, then i tried uploading the site's files again (all of them) and i see the apache test page, i deleted the account, then recreated it only to have the same issues arise... i looked in the forums, but have been unable to find any postings that directly relate to this issue.

    here are the things i checked before contacting you guys:
    1. the files were in the correct folder
    2. permissions are/were correct
    3. plesk states i have the most recent version of things ( no updates available)

    i have repeated these steps 3 times now with no luck, i also transfered about 3 other domains in the proccess, these seem to be working ok for the most part, however it seems that there are one or two issues with each one, mostly relating to front page items, but none of them have been as bad as the issues with eastsideroofing's site.
    I have been forced to set the DNS to point back to the cpanel box for that domain as my customer was totally "Pissed" when he went to his site to find the apache "test" page in place

    next issue:
    spamassasign was off in the services management page, however it was turned on when i racked the server at it's new home

    every so often i get a warning about secure and nonsecure items, when i click ok, i get a page cannot be displayed page, then when i click on refresh it takes me to where i was, and usually works fine from there

    the admin login page:
    i go to http://www.mydomain.net:8443
    login and then the machine tells me i'm at https://www.adifferentsitename.net:ect/ect
    i have changed the machine's hostname, and i've never figured out how to set the "default" site, hell even the plesk sitebuilder's gone bye bye, and i can't/couldn't get it to work to begin with IE. sitebuilder.mydomain.net

    ok enough whining for one post LOL
    thanks again :)