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Plesk Autoupdate Issue with Apache ASP Support

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by jvanderb, May 17, 2008.

  1. jvanderb

    jvanderb Guest

    I've pasted the output of the autoinstaller failure report. The issue I am having is that I am unable to update the 'Apache ASP Support' module. It complains that: "mod_perl-1.99_16-4.5.i386" and "mod_perl-2.0.3-1.el4s1.3.i386" cannot
    be installed at the same time. This may well be something that I did, but I don't remember I updated perl or not - it's been a while, and I don't remember what version was on there before anyway. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this, or how to uninstall the ASP Support module - I'm not using it anyway. I just hate seeing the message that my installation is not up to date when this is the only module that can not be updated.

    Thanks for any help you are able to provide!


  2. zeki79

    zeki79 Guest

    i have the same.... what was the solution to fix that?
  3. breun

    breun Golden Pleskian

    Jun 28, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I see two problems: the perl-Apache-ASP and mod_perl packages.

    1. Do you have the RPMForge repository enabled? If so you need to add exclude=perl-Apache-ASP to its config, because RPMForge's perl-Apache-ASP package is not compatible with Plesk.

    2. Do you have the CentOS Plus repository enabled? It seems you have mod_perl 2.0.3 from CentOS Plus installed and the autoinstaller tries to install mod_perl 1.99 from the regular CentOS repository. I don't know if you can use mod_perl from CentOS Plus with Plesk.
  4. zeki79

    zeki79 Guest

    rpm --nodeps -e mod_perl (uninstalling mod_perl2)
    yum install mod_perl (installing mod_perl1.9)

    ...resolves my problem

    thanks breun
  5. zeki79

    zeki79 Guest

    hmmm next error:

    Warning: packages conflict by files detected: package psa-8.3.0-cos4.build83071218.20.i586
    conflict with package plesk-skins-8.4.0-0.95636.noarch
    both have file /usr/local/psa/admin/htdocs/skins/aqua.compact/css/left/custom.css with different md5 sum.
    Warning: packages conflict by files detected: package plesk-skins-8.4.0-0.95636.noarch
    conflict with package psa-8.3.0-cos4.build83071218.20.i586
    both have file /usr/local/psa/admin/htdocs/skins/aqua.compact/css/left/custom.css with different md5 sum.
    System wird zur Produktinstallation vorbereitet

    2. during the install:

    Paket wird installiert psa-hotfix4-8.4.0-cos4.build84080514.18.i586, psa-8.4.0-cos4.build84080425.21.i586
    package psa-hotfix4-8.4.0-cos4.build84080514.18 is already installed
    ERROR: Unable to install the requested packages because of package dependency problems.
    Warnung! Es wurden nicht alle Pakete installiert.
    Bitte prüfen Sie, ob Ihre Systemdienste betriebsbereit sind.
    Bitte kontaktieren Sie den technischen Produktsupport.

    i started the upgrade with the autoinstaller in the shell... :/