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plesk DNS problem with trying to create PTR in different domains.

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by reloaded-, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. reloaded-

    reloaded- Guest

    We have a class C ip address delegated to our server with plesk 9.5 and ubuntu.

    We have always made all DNS taread plesk for ease of use of its API.

    But now we have the following problem.

    If we have the example domain. support.com can easily create the PTR for that domain. eg. PTR test.support.com works perfect.

    The problem is to create a PTR for a domain that we do and have one of our customers in another provider, but the server is in our company.

    Plesk allows you to create PTR only for domains that are in the. We thought that we can create domains in plesk when a customer requests and create only the PTR, however, we know that if we do that technique, the Plesk mail server can not send emails to those domains created exclusively for PTR.

    Plesk there is the possibility to create a PTR for a domain which is not hosted in?

    Thank you very much for the help.
  2. CatalinS

    CatalinS Basic Pleskian

    Jan 21, 2010
    Likes Received:

    Unfortunately there is no way to add it from the control panel if the domain is not on your server. You can trick it by adding the domain even if the nameservers are somewhere else and then add the PTR record or it can be manually added from root shell by changing the configuration. I am not sure where the DNS settings for a domain are on Ubutu but on Centos you can find them at /var/named/run-root/var/domain.com (probably same on Ubuntu). Make the changes needed and restart named.

  3. reloaded-

    reloaded- Guest

    thank you very much for the answers.

    Yes, I have thought about adding the domain only with the PTR record.

    But I thought that adding the domain with the PTR record, when PLESK mail server tries to send an email to that domain first consult your DNS and no valid query the DNS client that is outside the plesk, therefore no send mail.

    It may be true what they say? Mail will not work for those domains?

    Thank you very much,