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Plesk Expand + Plesk Reload 7.5.3 .. Little Help

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by ruski, May 25, 2005.

  1. ruski

    ruski Guest

    Hi Folks,

    When adding a domain to a client from the Plesk Expand interface (and even via the XML API) I continually get this error in the XML response:

    Is this is a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

    Example of XML input packet:

    Nothing in my code has changed and the only thing I've done is updated to Plesk Reloaded 7.5.3 (as well as updated Expand to its latest version).

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. dm__@

    dm__@ Guest

    > Column 'perm_id' cannot be null

    Looks like your Plesk DB has lost integrity after upgrade.
  3. ruski

    ruski Guest

    I can't see why that would be the issue, could you elaborate sligthly?

    I'm fairly certain Plesk Expand is attempting to insert a NULL value into the perm_id column, which for all intents and purposes, it shouldn't do and thus the Plesk servers are throwing that error in response.

    I think this is a problem with the API to be honest, but if you could elaborate more on what you mean by 'lost integrity' I'd be more than willing to try and do some mysql debugging to see what queries are causing the DB/Plesk servers to have a cry about things.

    Much appreciated for your response thus far, don't get me wrong :)
  4. ruski

    ruski Guest

    The other thing I should mention is that if you submit an XML packet via the Plesk Expand API rather than the GUI it throws the same response but the domain actually gets added where as with the GUI it throws the error and the domain does not (I assume this is due to more error checking in the GUI than what I've implemented for my submissions via Perl).
  5. anobik

    anobik Guest

    I have the same problem on a clean 7.5.3 install.
    When is use the PLESK api, I get the error domainuser: Column 'perm_id' cannot be null.
    The domain is created, but with the wrong properties.
    I'm sure this is a bug or onducumented change is the Plesk API version 7.5.3
  6. ruski

    ruski Guest

    Anobik, contact Plesk support they've developed a hot fix to resolve this issue.
  7. anobik

    anobik Guest

    it's a confirmed bug, will be fixed in PLESK 7.5.4