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plesk server permissions

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by JOLTmax, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. JOLTmax

    JOLTmax Guest


    I was playing with my server trying to update it with a security patch.

    I could not upload the files and i set my entire server chmod permissions to 777.

    this broke plesk and it now says
    "This file is part of Plesk distribution. It cannot be run outside of Plesk environment."
    when i try to login to the panel.

    my support told me i need to re-provision since i messup all provisions...

    is there any way to just fix permissions off of 777 to the correct?

    what would they be?
  2. JOLTmax

    JOLTmax Guest

    also my version is 8.6 now and i tried to add the new security seen here

    Parallels released a "MicroUpdate" that makes patching this vulnerability easy. Please refer to the following Parallels Knowledge Base article for the MicroUpdate file as well as instructions and a complete list of affected control panel versions:
  3. VictorZ

    VictorZ Guest

    This file is part of Plesk distribution. It cannot be run outside of Plesk environmen

    i have this problem too

    but this error show me after upgrade component by autoinstaller file

    i just need to upgrade or install the mysql component > when i check the my sql component in auto installer page (localhost:8447) this begin to upgrade all component and update the plesk panel from 9.5 version too 10.4.4 and i have this error now :(

    please help me

    adress :