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Plesk stucks by clicking on "Report" - only 1 domain affected

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by thomasmang, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. thomasmang

    thomasmang Guest

    When i click on one of my domains in Plesk 8.1, an then click on "Report", the site stucks, and i only see "Please wait. Loading ..."

    Only one of my domains is affected by this, the others work great.

    The error is the same with the admin login, the user login and the owner login.

    When i go to the shell of the server, and control processes with "top", i see the process "backup_info" and this process takes what it can get from cpu usage (>90%) and a lot of memory (>50%)

    This process works for an hour til 90 minutes, and then the hole plesk server restarts.

    Watchdog send me three emails then. 2 mails that plesk is down, one that plesk has restartet.

    But this failure remains.

    I have already restartet the server for a lot of times, an i have kicked all the log files in the statistic folder from this domain.

    And deleted all the things from this domain, that i dont need anymore.

    Does anybody have an idea, what i could try, that the reports works, like it should, and the "backup_info" process termine correct?

    Thanks a lot
    Thomas Mang
  2. thomasmang

    thomasmang Guest

    additional information:
    Its Plesk 8.1 running on Suse 10.0 64bit
    Linux Kernel 2.6.13
    PHP 5.0.4
    mySQL 4.1.13

    perhaps it helps - i have no idea where i could begin with bugfixing :-(
  3. thomasmang

    thomasmang Guest

    i have found the problem, and perhaps it might be interesting for other people.

    i have had a dump file in /var/lib/psa/dumps/5/2 and this file had a size over 2gig.

    since removing this oversized dump file (don't know what was dumped there !?) everything works find :eek:)