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pop mail problems

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by gene02, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. gene02

    gene02 Guest

    All of my email account recieve mail no problem but can't send from outlook or whatever mail software they are using. I have no Idea how to help my clients. Webmail works fine hmmm.
  2. dynaweb

    dynaweb Guest

    Check in your SYSTEM / MAIL settings and look at the relaying. -- If it is set to "closed" (safe) then clients should use the SMTP of their ISP for sending mail from Outlook, etc.
    - If you have it set to "authorization is required:" (risky) then make sure SMTP is checked and in the mail client the auth is enabled (ASMTP).
    - If you have it set to Open then go to the nearest police station and turn yourself in.
  3. gene02

    gene02 Guest

    Humor I love it. I have mail set to authorize only because I was hoping lower setting would help it work. any other ideas?
  4. dynaweb

    dynaweb Guest

    I have about 20 minutes. You can msn messanger me at danno_d_manno(at)yahoo.com and we can chat a bit to possibly help you out.
  5. gene02

    gene02 Guest

    shows you off line my msn is boatsonwheels(at)msn.com
  6. dynaweb

    dynaweb Guest

    Glad to help you get this problem solved. It was that you needed to add the a-records for the smtp in your DNS zones. Once added and resolved, the smtp will function properly.
  7. JonRohan

    JonRohan Guest

    dynaweb: Could you elaborate more on your solution please. I have the same problem my smtp can't authenticate.

    If I add a DNS A record called smtp that will fix it?

    Im a little confused, if you could explain it a little that would be awesome.
  8. dynaweb

    dynaweb Guest

    Yes, in Plesk go to SERVER / DNS / and add an a-record:
    smtp.<domain>. A <ip>

    This will make all newly created domains have SMTP hookup. If the domain already exists, you will need to go into the DOMAINS / DOMAIN.COM / DNS and create the record there as well.

    Changes on the server take a few hours to propegate.

    FYI, is is HIGHLY encouraged to NOT allow customers to use the server's SMTP on their PC for outlook or whatever. That is what their ISP SMTP is for.
  9. JonRohan

    JonRohan Guest

    Why is it not encouraged? It will slow the server down?

    All our clients have the server names as


    In outlook.
  10. dynaweb

    dynaweb Guest

    This might help you a little:

    The problem is with Abuse Violations. Most web hosts nowadays operate on a "shared hosting" environment. This means that there are more than one domain hosted on a single physical web server. All the resources, including the IP addresses, are shared. Now let's say domain1.com is a great customer, but domain2.com is a SPAMMER! He uses the web server's SMTP to send out hundreds of thousands of unsolicited emails before being caught, but by that time it is too late. Damage is already done. More than likely your IP address has been "Blacklisted" by SpamCop, SpamHaus, or other DNSBL's that help prevent SPAM from reaching good email accounts around the world. Once your IP address is Blacklisted, it has a negative impact on ALL the accounts on your shared web server.
    If the perpetrator had been normal and used his ISP's SMTP, you would have prevented the situation totally. Even if he spoofs his (or another domain) to the offending messages, the DNSBLs can see right through it in most cases. If the ISP bans the user then that is fine, it is no problem of yours as a host. Additionally (and most importantly) if the problem involves legal issues, YOUR WEB SERVER is the last easily tracable location of the offense!

    Yes, but in that case all the actions will be regulated by the mail server and logged and timestampped in log files if the server is properly configured using Suexec, etc..

    Yes, I did it on mine. I am not an outlook expert by any means, but it just works, it is really cool...
    When I receive an email from lets say webmaster(at)domain1.com, I just click REPLY and outlook knows to send it "from" webmaster(at)domain1.com...
    ditto that for domain2.com, domain3.com and so on. All use the SMTP from the ISP.
    It is transparent unless someone views the full mail headers and traces that end IP. If someone is not cool with that then 99% they are doing something very shady. That is the theory in a nutshell.

    (FYI we will be adding this and other server management FAQs here soon :)
  11. JonRohan

    JonRohan Guest

    awesome cheers mate.

    Sorry for the questions. I like to try and understand things.


  12. stubbie

    stubbie Guest

    I have read this thread with interest as we to have the same problem and had tried to resolve it ourselves

    The problem is simple, when a customer buys hosting from us they expect to be able to use pop3 and smtp together and personally I don't blame them

    now as a host of many canel servers I understand more than fully the problem of having a open smtp mail server, and run ours as auth req. but it doesn't work, we have tried it with outlook and that seems to work, but with incredimail or bat or most of the 3rd party email clients it doesn't work

    I have tried all combinations of auth on and off and tried the full email address and just the name , and the server refuses to auth the connections

    no i can do as you have said and yes that will work, but some ISP servers ar enow stopping this too as they are P****d of with the bandwidth and mail thoughput

    so I will ask you, please could you explain the correct way to set up a client using smtp and auth req and I will try it again

    but I personally feel there is a bug in plesk that is causing this
  13. JonRohan

    JonRohan Guest

    hey mate.

    I know i have little experince but could you perhaps set the auth as a set user name and password.

    The button is auth against the following username and password?

    Just a suggestion :)
  14. dynaweb

    dynaweb Guest

    Well, if you still want to take the risk of offerring SMTP that is your perogative. We have lost a few customers due to lack of SMTP service, but when I ask them why not use their ISP SMTP they have no solid answer. USUALLY I can tell you it is because they want to do something shady and put the responsibility on YOU. Our business plan gladly denys one user access to make 100 other users happy with the quality of service we maintain.

    Anyhow, make sure you check your PC firewall (ICF or others) to allow SMTPs port. Sometimes like in SP2 Outlook will, of course be granted access while others are denied. But; If you are having success in Outlook but not in other mail Apps, there is not real explaination for that other than you have a problem on your PC, LAN, or ISP. Definately NOT the server or the software at issue there :)