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problem with win2k3

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by dany81, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. dany81

    dany81 Guest


    I'had a old server with plesk, after 1 year without problem with my plesk the server improvvisle have begin to blocking without the possibility to look my sites and read emails.. Nothing worked.

    So after so many time to try to understand the problem, thinking was a problem of my windows copy, i've format C:\ and try to reinstall the plesk and put again a copy of my sites web inside.. but with a fresh installation in the admin panel of plesk i've begin to have the same problem.

    I've changed in this time my dedicated server with a more power coreDUO e4300
    I've installed fresh copy of windows 2003 SE and reinstalled a new copy of Plesk.

    I've put Mysql for the db and IIS (maybe can to be also this the problem? better access? I've installed sql express 05 but i dunno if work with that).

    So, to the begin was all oky, but after the reconfiguration of 4 domains with email, i've begin to have the same exactly problem.

    The windows blocking after few minutes and i must only make a hhd reset from the remote control pannel for have again the possibility to access via remote.

    So, i dont know what i must to do, i think the are a plesk problem o the smtp email or i dunno.

    I' would like to ask direct remote support from you but the problem are that every time the server will be block.

    I not have virus or something of similar and in the task manager it's all oky...

    I've thinked also a some problem with some permissions from php or iis, but it's possible?

    Anyone never with this problem? :-(