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Publishing Problem: Guest users are also able to publish sites.

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 3.2 for Windows' started by kbhutto, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. kbhutto

    kbhutto Guest


    Yesterday I installed SiteBuilder for Windows on my dedicated server.
    (I havent purchased the license yet. Will be purchasing it within 2-3 days. First wanted to setup it properly).

    Everything is working fine except one thing.

    I will be hosting sitebuilder on at: makewww.com/sitebuilder

    Now if you enter this URL it will start sitebuiler wizard (as its supposed to do). Now when you complete all steps, it should NOT allow users/guests to publish sites. Instead anyone can use this trial site URL to publish their material through KNOWN FTP HOST.

    In Admin panel (under Trial Site Publish Settings) option to disable "publish to known FTP host" is grayed!

    One more thing, under Admin panel I cannot add more than 1 website. Its displaying 1 of 1 sites (in Statistics)

    Is it due to free version? do I have to purchase license to solve both problems/limitations?

    Kashif Ali Bhutto
  2. Alex Klimov

    Alex Klimov Guest

    Good day,

    Yes, both limitations are due to the free version. After you purchase license, it will be solved.
  3. kbhutto

    kbhutto Guest

    Thank you for quick and satisfing reply.

    Will be purchasing SB shortly.