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rblsmtp in smtp_psa

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by BoXie, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. BoXie

    BoXie Guest


    In Plesk 7.5.4 Plesk's syntax in /etc/xinetd.d/smtp(s)_psa for multiple RBL's is to use a semicolon ';' between them.

    Isn't the proper way to put an '-r' before each item ? Or do both methods work ?

    So :

    /usr/sbin/rblsmtpd -r sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org;bl.spamcop.net


    /usr/sbin/rblsmtpd -r sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org -r bl.spamcop.net
  2. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    I thought their use of the semi-colon was a bug (seem to recall it first in 7.5.2), which was supposed to have been fixed. I seem to remember people posting about the semi-colon causing the rblsmtpd to not work. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    It seems as though Plesk has fixed their original problem, so when you enter the server list using semi-colons in the control panel interface, they convert them when writing to the smtp_psa file (as it should be) using "space -r space" between each server name.
  4. BoXie

    BoXie Guest

    Hmm I had to reset the MAPS configuration and fill it in again. After that .. Plesk DID generate the smtp_psa files correctly . But the Plesk upgrade process corrupted them.