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RDNS server failure

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by filipersimoes, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. filipersimoes

    filipersimoes Guest

    Hi, I’m having some trouble to add RDNS into my server. I'm using Windows 2003 with Bind 9.
    My ISP had delegated the reverse records to my server but my server gives the "server failure" at dnsstuff tool.

    How I am searching:
    Asking d.root-servers.net for PTR record:
    d.root-servers.net says to go to ns-sec.ripe.net. (zone: 200.in-addr.arpa.)
    Asking ns-sec.ripe.net. for PTR record:
    ns-sec.ripe.net [] says to go to C.DNS.BR. (zone: 195.200.in-addr.arpa.)
    Asking C.DNS.BR. for PTR record:
    c.dns.br [] says to go to ns4.telemar.net.br. (zone: 32.195.200.in-addr.arpa.)
    Asking ns4.telemar.net.br. for PTR record: Got CNAME referral to 130.128- at server losangeles.iconecta.com.br. (zone 128- [from]
    Asking c.root-servers.net for 130.128- PTR record:
    c.root-servers.net [] says to go to TINNIE.ARIN.NET. (zone: 200.in-addr.arpa.)
    Asking TINNIE.ARIN.NET. for 130.128- PTR record:
    tinnie.arin.net [] says to go to E.DNS.BR. (zone: 195.200.in-addr.arpa.)
    Asking E.DNS.BR. for 130.128- PTR record:
    e.dns.br [] says to go to ns2.telemar.net.br. (zone: 32.195.200.in-addr.arpa.)
    Asking ns2.telemar.net.br. for 130.128- PTR record:
    ns2.telemar.net.br [] says to go to losangeles.iconecta.com.br. (zone: 128-
    Asking losangeles.iconecta.com.br. for 130.128- PTR record: Error: losangeles.iconecta.com.br [] reports a SERVER FAILURE.

    An error occurred: Server losangeles.iconecta.com.br is reporting a server failure (it is probably broken).
  2. JackL

    JackL Guest

    What is reply from you server when you perform
    nslookup somedomain.com you.dns.server.ip?

    John S.G.