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relaylock in Plesk 9 throws segfaults in libsqlite3.so.0.8.6

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by Michael Berndt, May 14, 2009.

  1. Michael Berndt

    Michael Berndt Guest


    the relaylock at my new 'rootserver' (1&1) which comes with openSuse11/Plesk 9 makes segmentation faults.

    The problem starts with the new server. The old one, an AMD too, with the same version of libsqllite (libsqlite3.so.0.8.6) works without some segfaults.

    Apr 17 13:01:19 prod-2 kernel: relaylock[1493] general protection ip:7f92e9aea55a sp:7ffff24f45d0 error:0 in libpthread-2.8.so[7f92e9ae2000+16000]
    Apr 17 13:01:19 prod-2 kernel: relaylock[1496] general protection ip:7f8c542c355a sp:7fff5cccddb0 error:0 in libpthread-2.8.so[7f8c542bb000+16000]
    Apr 17 13:14:03 prod-2 kernel: relaylock[5120]: segfault at ffffffff9b0c17b8 ip 00007f93882e0b30 sp 00007fff9073e870 error 4 in libsqlite3.so.0.8.6[7f93882a1000+81000]
    Apr 17 13:14:10 prod-2 kernel: relaylock[5124]: segfault at ffffffff9b0c17b8 ip 00007f3a7bd22b30 sp 00007fff841802c0 error 4 in libsqlite3.so.0.8.6[7f3a7bce3000+81000]
    Apr 17 13:14:14 prod-2 kernel: relaylock[5128]: segfault at ffffffff9b0c17b8 ip 00007fcf24727b30 sp 00007fff2cb85cc0 error 4 in libsqlite3.so.0.8.6[7fcf246e8000+81000]

    It seems that the new one doesn't like the osx mailclient. because the problem occurs with just one customer which use the mac mail-client from apples osx. this was no problem on the old one (openSuse 9.3/Plesk 8.6).
    Otherwise relaylock works fine, nearly 10000 times a day, thanks to all the spammers for this bulk test ;)

    new server (Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 1218 HE stepping 03):
    rpm -qf /var/qmail/bin/relaylock

    old server (AMD Athlon 64 / Opteron processors (version 1.50.4)):
    rpm -qf /var/qmail/bin/relaylock

    I need strongly help, try to explain a customer that his mailclient makes the error, when it works fine with the old server for some years...
    the hardware was checked and changed, but more support is not to become from my provider. After weeks they confirm that this is software from their installation but can not help.

    If more information is needed, please ask.

  2. ryan comeau

    ryan comeau Guest

    Turn off POP3 lock in Plesk to bypass this issue until plesk releases a fix. that's what i had to do! I only get that error when running Qmail with the Pop lock turned on. I also switched to Postfix, but some clients randomly get a 'invalid DATA command', and I had that same issue back in 9.0.1.
  3. Michael Berndt

    Michael Berndt Guest

    you hit the mark

    thanks a lot ryan,

    your hint is the solution I urgently needed. It works fine now, no more segmentation faults, I can't belive it.
    Try getting help from my server-providers support was a fiasco, although its the biggest in europe. I had to listen things like, segfaults are normal, debug your own software yourself ...

    I would like to thank you with a box of beer or something else if you don't like beer, have paypal or IBAN ?

    thanks and greetings