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remote mssql backup

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Zan_, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Zan_

    Zan_ Guest

    I am trying to setup the remote db backup in plesk.

    has anyone managed to do this and if so can you please give some advice as to how you configured the share and the permissions.

    I ahve a share setup that is accessiable from both plesk and db server. and I can view the files / create etc fine when using RDP to the server. now giving the login details to to plesk via the preferences button on sql database server page in plesk, trying to do a backup will always fail with an unable to make connection message.. or if I map the share to a directory on the server I.e Y:\ then I get a could not find part of path error message.

    what permissions does plesk require for it to actually work?
  2. eukscott

    eukscott Guest

  3. Zan_

    Zan_ Guest

    yes I know that option is there, but the functionality is available in plesk to do actual .bak files instead of generating the script inserts that the backup tool does.

    I need to offer my clients the ability for them to initiate and backup the mssql database (separate dedicated sql server). and have the .bak file appear in their backup repository.

    backing up their entire site while a work around is hardly what we're looking for. now plesk does offer this functionality.. the prerequisite being the network share that both the sql server and the plesk server can read/write to.

    I have configured this but plesk still fails.

    has anyone got this working successfully and if so could you perhaps shed some light on the permissions you have granted and to what accounts on the network share. because as per plesk instructions I have it configured correctly.. but it still fails :(