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!!! RIDICULOUS !!! PleskRestore 8.0 incompatible with 7.5 backup?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by russk615, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. russk615

    russk615 Guest

    !!! RIDICULOUS !!! PleskRestore 8.0 incompatible with 7.5 backup? Is SWSOFT LYING ?

    I think that's horrible. I have backed up my files with 7.5.4 version (psabackup) and now trying to restore with 8.0 (pleskrestore), and get nothing but squat.

    This is ridiculous, why would 8.0 be incompatible with 7.5. It is obvious that I would need to backup in 7.5 to be able to upgrade to 8.0. I am really shocked, and dissapointed. So far no one could help me, I called 1and1 my provider and they told me the versions are not compatible. So I called SWSoft, they litterally hung up on me.

    Did anyone come up with a solution to this yet?



    New Backup Utility - The improved backup/restore utilities let administrators backup and restore client accounts. Also, administrators can select which client's domains and information to backup/restore. Now domains can be completely restored with the properties they had during the backup. New Backup utilities allow administrators to restore from any version of Plesk which can be valuable for migration/upgrades.
  2. redrage

    redrage Guest

    same issue here.

    Figured out how to open the 7.5.x backup files using winzip and winrar but i cannot find the mysql databases other than that i have to create domain users/emails by hand too.

    what a pain in the arse.
  3. russk615

    russk615 Guest

    Winzip and WinRar? How so? Is this a Linux 7.5 backup? I would appreciate it if you can give us some details. Thanks!
  4. redrage

    redrage Guest

    open winzip, go to file and open select the back up file. extract it to a folder.

    in that folder there will be one text file and a bunch of "UNKNOWN"'s or something like that.

    from what i can tell the text file holds configureation and maybe emails (still looking at that) it also seems to have database's and passwords (no data though)

    the Unknowns look like site info. Look at the file size if its larger than 10k chances are it has something in it.

    Open WinRAR, go to file,Open archive. Select one of the unknowns and look for data. one will contain cgi-bin, httpdocs, httdsdocs, etc.

    there may also be others with subdomains.

    anyway drag out the data and upload it and as Emeril says... "BAM!"

    i still cannot find any MySQL data though and thats the important part. starting to get postal here.

    Still got 3 sites that relied heavlily on MySQL. I guess one should never assume that the backups accually backup. Nor that the restore will work as advertised.
  5. russk615

    russk615 Guest

    YO REDRAGE!!! Ha Ha, I didn't think you would get back here today, so I did exactly what you just explained.

    THE DATABASE IS IN file Unknown.007. After you extract it, it will extract another UNKNOWN, and that file is A FLAT ASCII Dump of your MYSQL. Hope this helps. SWSoft still sucks my dogs boobs.
  6. redrage

    redrage Guest

    Thanks russ!!

    I just thought that file was corrupt cause nothing would open it, just turns out notepad dosn't like 600mb text files.

    now to see if mysql 5 likes them. *shudder*

    will try that tommorrow i need a drink after a day like today lol

    BTW: one DB was stored in UNKNOWN.10 and the other was in 6 and another in... you get the idea. so anyone else having this issue check them all :)

    Thanks again!
  7. Gism0

    Gism0 Guest

    This is very annoying, I spent hours backing up and transferring the files to my new server with plesk 8 only to find out it wont accept the backup file.

    Now I have to restore a LOT of settings, files, databases, etc manually.. it's going to take forever :(
  8. dm__@

    dm__@ Guest

    If you have two servers, one with plesk8, you might try to migrate data using Migration Manager.
  9. Gism0

    Gism0 Guest

    I had originally tried that but it kept failing for random reasons, i'm going to keep trying with it :)


    i think i should add, i've been using the migration manager to transfer clients from a 7.5.4 bsd box to a 8.0.0 red hat vps and i've had zero issues so far.

    very pleased for once. :)