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Server behind firewall / NAT

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by tvengel, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. tvengel

    tvengel Guest


    Our servers are placed behind a firewall and working okay. We want to upgrade / transform one of our servers to Plesk.
    I'll explain the current configuration (btw : the are examples) :
    * WAN IP : x.x.x.46
    * LAN IP :
    Between the WAN ip and the LAN ip is a NAT table; which forwards the used ports.

    Now, when we create a domain, everything seems to be configured fine, but some parts don't work okay. For example, in the ftp-server, there are 2 domains configured. The WAN ip and the LAN ip. Every user is added to the LAN ip, but will not be able to connect.

    Maybe someone did this configuration before and can help me with this.

    Tim Van Engeland
  2. JackL

    JackL Guest

    You have three ways to to resolve problem:
    1. Add as much IP to NAT as your Plesk server has. And configure redirection on it - one IP on NAT to one IP on Plesk server :
    x.x.x.1 (public IP) 21 ->
    x.x.x.2 21 ->
    and so on
    2. Use different ports
    x.x.x1 21 ->
    x.x.x.1 2021 ->172.16..0.2 21
    and so on
    (users need to connect using ports configured on NAT)
    3. Use one IP on Plesk server, and all users will be on one IP , in this case you'll need one redirection on NAT
    public IP 21-> private IP 21

    John S.G.
  3. tvengel

    tvengel Guest


    My opinion goes to the third method. When I configure plesk for this, and change the default DNS table, everything seems to work fine, except, when I create a subdomain, it takes the internal ip.

    Current config :
    WAN IP xxx.xxx.xxx. 46
    LAN IP
    Forwarded all needed ports from the WAN IP to the LAN IP.
    Configured as the shared ip in Plesk and modified the default DNS template.

    Any advice? Or do I need to do it otherwise?

    Tim Van Engeland
  4. S.MohsenB

    S.MohsenB New Pleskian

    Jul 17, 2011
    Likes Received:
    DNS Server behind firewall / NAT problem

    i have above problem too.
    on my server every thing work fine but when i create a subdomain ip of that is invalid ip on my server.