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Setting a Default page through PLESK 7.0.3

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by bthomas, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. bthomas

    bthomas Guest


    I am new to the forum, new to owning a Domain, but not new to online development. :)

    I have just bought a domain and a host and am placing a .NET web application on the host that uses the PLESK software. I am use to using IIS to set what pages are default pages, as I don't want to use "INDEX.HTM" as my Domains "home" page, but something like DEAFAULT.ASPX or something.

    Like I said, a simple task in IIS (5.x or 6.0), but can't find out how to do it through the PLESK Software (version 7.0.3).

    Can anyone supply help on this ???

  2. truthmonkey42

    truthmonkey42 Guest

    I'm not sure for certain, but I _believe_ that default document control is only introduced in Plesk 7.5.x for Windows. So, unless your host has stripped down the default document list in IIS, you should be able to drop a Default.aspx (without any other index, default, etc pages in the dir) and it _should_ work. Worst comes worst, make index.html be a meta-refresh to the default.aspx to work around until your host can modify the default doc list for your site.

  3. bthomas

    bthomas Guest

    Yes, I could always hit trhe index page and redirect them to the correct page, but I just don't like useless "steps" especially since I know IIS can and will do this for me.

    I talked with the Host and they went ahead and added Default.aspx to ths list and bumped it to the top so that when calling the Domain, it will go to the Default page.

    So basically the PLESK Software for Windows seems incomplete, but because of communication with the HOST, I am fine now.

    Now, if the HOST can just speed up their Windows Web Server !!! :)

    -Brent Thomas