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Several issues with Plesk 10.0.1

Discussion in 'Plesk 10.x for Linux Suggestions and Feedback' started by akae, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. akae

    akae Guest

    Hi everyone.
    Before all, excuse me for my poor English. And there I go:
    - I started a migration a few days ago from Plesk 9.5.2. All clients and resellers were mixed up, and I had to sort them manually and assign "subscriptions" in duplicated "susbscribers" to single ones. When I moved some of them to a reseller, the customer (subscriber) information was lost and the reseller info was dumped there instead. That's a problem if you don't keep the customers information noted down in another place. I almost lost all the info needed for invoices.
    - I spend several hours reading documentation, bad linked from Parallels webpage, to understand why there is a duality between Customer<->Subscriber Reseller<->Provider.
    - All my Subscription lost their assigned plan. Several of them had assigned "Personalized" plans with same limits as predefined ones, but others got configured with "strange" limits, i.e. 17,2 MB of traffic or 2 MB of Disk Space. I think those parameters were the usage of the resources at the time of migration.
    - Some buttons appeared today in Plesk10 after 4 days of migration: Help Desk Installation (at the sidebar) and Business Model Upgrade (at Tools section) suddenly came up without any intervention.
    - Bussiness Model Upgrade was anything but useful. The only 4 "orphaned" domains were only assignable to the "main" reseller.
    - I have read in another post that there is no way to migrate domains (subscriptions) or customers (subscribers) between reseller accounts. I find hard to be asked by a client to change his subscription to another client, which plesk is amazingly capable but useless, but I am often asked to "upgrade" customer accounts to reseller, and I usually organize my hosts between different resellers depending on the plans assigned to each one. This feature would be nice.
    - The only way to create a new customer is creating a subscription associated to him/her. That's stupid. I want to create "empty" customers to assign them subscriptions later.

    I like the new hierarchy, but the tools to organize the new roles should be in concordance with it.
    I have a poor impresion of Plesk 10.0.1 (not to mention the practically inexistent support to small bussiness). Let's see if you can do better in 10.0.2.
    Thanks for reading. Any help will be useful.
  2. tech01

    tech01 Basic Pleskian

    May 22, 2009
    Likes Received:
    I have had similar issues worked with free upgrade support for a while and now I am down to cleaning out my billing side of the house and starting that poriton from scratch. I'd be interested to find if you had any solutions to your issues as well.