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Sitebuilder 4.0 on vps

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.0 for Linux' started by Xeonia, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Xeonia

    Xeonia Guest


    I would like to run sitebuilder 4 on vps. What kind of vps I would need?? Ram?? HD?? It will be linux with LXAdmin. Please let me know...
  2. caustic

    caustic Guest

    I would like to run sitebuilder 4 on vps. What kind of vps I would need?
    what kind of virtualization software are you going to use? OpenVZ, Virturozzo, XEN or what?
    AFAIK swsoft distributes sitebuilder in form of so called std and easy templates suitable for virtuozzo. For any other virtualization software you'll have to use regular build.

    Ram?? HD??
    This really depends on the load you are going to put on the server. Generally, 512Mb of RAM would be sufficient.
    As to HD space, complete installation of SB takes about 1Gb (this includes all design templates) + about 3 megabytes per average site + the operating system itself.
  3. Xeonia

    Xeonia Guest

    I am going to run it on vps with HyperVM and LXadmin.
    1 gb ram, 20 gb hd...
    I have to get it installed first... :)
  4. nibb@

    nibb@ Guest

    1 GB of RAM is enough to run the Plesk and Sitebuilder installations inside the VPS. But Sitebuilder requires allot of memory. You could have just 5 or 10 people building sites at the same time and they will already take you 512 RAM.

    Plesk alones takes 256 ram to run. You must then add SiteBuilder to it. It will work well just dont run hosting from the same box. Used it only for SiteBuilder, since if you use the same VPS for hosting it will have to run Mysql, Apache, etc. This would give you problems. Specially if you plan to sell allot of SiteBuilder accounts.

    We run SiteBuilder in his own box without anything else except Sitebuilder. Still i can tell you SiteBuilder is a memory hug. The more ram the better.