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Sitebuilder crashes apache

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by Hultenius, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. Hultenius

    Hultenius Guest


    Im stuck with the sitebuilder installation. Every requirement seems to be met (see below) but the installation crashes both mysql and apache (not psa-apache). MySQL can easily be restarted but apache wont start. I found this message in the apache log after the installation, and it appears very often in the log, almost every second.
    'rpm -e sitebuilder-psa' gets everything back to normal, but i want to use the sitebuilder, especially when i've paid for it.

    Apache web server 2 or higher - OK (2.0.40)
    PHP version 4.2 or higher - OK (4.3.9 via yum/ART)
    Sablotron - Included in the sitebuilder package
    MySQL (3.22 or higher) - OK (4.0.21 via yum/ART)
    GnuGP - Installed via RPM
    unzip - OK
    PHP extensions:
    CURL - OK (phpinfo() shows "enabled")
    DOM XML - Installed via yum/ART
    GD2 - OK
    iconv - OK (phpinfo() shows "enabled")
    XSLT - Included in the sitebuilder package

    Any advice what to do next? And what about IonCube, I can't find it on my system, is this a requirement?
  2. Hultenius

    Hultenius Guest

    Wow, I must be lucky today. Sitebuilder v.1.0.1 fixed this problem :D