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Sitebuilder on CPanel?

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by webmonster, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. webmonster

    webmonster Guest

    Is there a way to run Site Builder on Cpanel? I am having troubles...

    error: Failed dependencies:
    httpd is needed by Sitebuilder-1.0-2.rh9
    php-mysql is needed by Sitebuilder-1.0-2.rh9

    My server:

    Redhat 9
    cPanel Pro w/ Fantastico

    Please let me know the steps needed to get this working, as I just bought the builder thinking it would work. I did buy the general install version.

  2. citrus

    citrus Guest

    It's possible, I installed it successfully, but it needs some handwork.
    I used apt-get (http://ftp.freshrpms.net/pub/freshrpms/redhat/9/apt/apt-0.5.5cnc6-fr1.i386.rpm) to install the missing packages.
    Backup your httpd.conf!
    And unlink /etc/httpd
    With apt-get -f install httpd you can install it.
    May be php won't work after that, then you have to rebuild your apache via whm.
    And chmod your /usr/local/sitebuilderfolder to nobody (chmod -R /usr/local/sitebuilder)

    You can't integrate Sitebuilder into the customers cPanel yet, but they working on it. Should be finished in january.

    Hope that helps.
  3. webmonster

    webmonster Guest

    It's January.. Any files yet?

    Hello. I really would love to have those files to help with CPanel install for sitebuilder, any ideas when I may expect them?
  4. ezhostexpress

    ezhostexpress Guest

    SiteBuilder on CPanel

    I just purchased SiteBuilder and am wondering if it works with CPanel yet as well. If you can't integrate it into your customers CPanel then how do they get it?
  5. kmsd

    kmsd Guest

    I saw the cpanel integration install.sh script which puts an icon in cpanel, great, but, how do you install on cpanel. I did what was stated above and sure enough it broke ALL OF MY SITES. They showed the default httpd install page. I removed all the Sitebuilder rpm's and recomplied apache/php. I really need an installer that's compatible with cPanel itself.
  6. atticus

    atticus Guest

    Can you post an actual step by step guide to getting the install to work on cPanel?
  7. mattp

    mattp Guest