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Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Shorts, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. Shorts

    Shorts Guest

    getting this error anyideas

    You are not authorized to view this page
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page due to the access control list (ACL) that is configured for this resource on the Web server.

    Please try the following:

    * Contact the Web site administrator if you believe you should be able to view this directory or page.
    * Click the Refresh button to try again with different credentials.

    HTTP Error 401.3 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to an ACL set on the requested resource.
    Internet Information Services (IIS)
  2. cybernova

    cybernova Guest

    reset the ftp password from the control panel...that should fix it :)
  3. swarm

    swarm Guest

    You can try to repair permissions and users existence with reconfigurator.exe utility. Choose "repair Plesk installations" -> "Plesk virtual hosts security"
  4. Shorts

    Shorts Guest

    Nope they did not work, its happens on all accouts not just the one.
  5. enacht

    enacht Guest

  6. Shorts

    Shorts Guest

    the hot fix was installed a couple of days ago to fix the reseting of the key issue.
  7. Shorts

    Shorts Guest

    no more ideas?

    lets email support, looks like they dont monitor this forum.
  8. cybernova

    cybernova Guest

    login to the server

    got to IIS

    right click on the website >>>> properties >>>directory secuity>>>>edit>>>>reset the IUSR password to something easy >>> apply

    Right click on MyComputer icon >>>>manage>>>>users and groups >>> users >>> find the iUSR >>>reset the password for the user with the one u used before>>>apply changes.....

    This shuold work
  9. nelsok

    nelsok Guest

    I am having the same problem with sitebuilder.

    I get 401.3 errors for all domains hosted. when accessing sitebuilder.domain.com

    I am using 7.5.5 and i have tried to reapir the instalation but this does not work.

    I do not want to have to reset the password manually through IIS for each domain this would be a huge amount of work.

    any ideas?
  10. nelsok

    nelsok Guest

    I just noticed that I can access sitebuilder via domain.com:5053 but i still can not access via sitebuilder.domain.com

    thanks again.