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Small problem in fresh installation...

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Sergej, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Sergej

    Sergej Guest

    Hi all, I am fresh user in PLESK v.8.1.0_build 20061129.18 My server is Windows 2003 server MUI RU/CZ/EN I am install PLESK in my new server in home because I want change complete my real server to new server in PLESK(new hardware) New server today not connected in internet because if I connect 2 server in one IP address konflikt.
    My question:
    1. If I install PLESK and config server I not see active FTP button "add FTP user". I normal connect FTP new domain. Where is problem.
    2. If I testing domain and PLESK login pages domain users I see only new domain pages, only users not login this domain. PLESK write unautorized. I configure enable permission.
    3.I dont see language file PLESK version 8.1 for windows RU/CZ. If I install RU language version 7.6 my PLESK crashed. I must uninstall russian language old version. How can I create Czech language or where download this lang.
    4. How can I managed SQLexpress and MSSQL2000. MSSQL2000 I see in PLESK panel and maneged not problem. SQL2005express I not see in PLESK. I must create custom button or no.
    Thank you for your help and sorry my bad english. ;)
  2. Sergej

    Sergej Guest

    Two small question

    OK I see not reaction in moderator or other users.
    Small question two
    How can I download language kit or resurs. I translate my PLESK interface to Czech language because I see today version 8.1.1 is enabled download only lang pack is old version and not translate to my language. I dont prepare my new server to my users because English interface more my users not read.
    Thank you for you reply.