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some bugs in the domain report

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by S. Germeshausen, May 25, 2008.

  1. S. Germeshausen

    S. Germeshausen New Pleskian

    May 28, 2006
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    Hello Parallels-Team,
    hello PLESK-Administrators,

    i'm writing here to let also other administrator know about my issue and hope that some of them recognize a similar issue. At second i hope to receive a clue to fix this issue on our own.
    Today we found two bugs in the domain report module. A customer of us receives the notification, that he is exceeding the domain limitations. While watching the report we found some weird sizes. As you can see in the attachment, the toal usage of mailspace is 99,2 MB, but the mailboxes show a lower usage. When we count the usage of all mailboxes we count only 54,83 MB.
    When we run /opt/psa/admin/sbin/statistics from shell we got the same result.
    View attachment 114

    We found also a second bug in the same module: On every detailed report are at the bottom the installed site applications listed. But in this case the site applications are installed on a different domain by another client. Watching different reports the applications are shown in all reports even by customers which are not allowed to use the application vault. Every application which is noticed in the database psa written in the table SiteApps is reported in every domain report.

    We are using Debian 4 with PLESK 8.4.0-debian4.0.build84080426.00

    If you need futher details let me know.

    I would appreciate to get this bug fixed asap. Because this bug gives us a lot of work to prevent loosing controll about accounting and explaining the problems to our customers which are asking every day what is going on with their accounts.

    kind regards,
    Sven Germeshausen CEO
    Germeshausen.de Webhosting

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