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Spamassassin & Dr Web Not working on debian distrib

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by slydahunter, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. slydahunter

    slydahunter Guest


    i'm trying for month make my add ons for the mails services work.

    I use debian 3.1.

    Plesk works fine, but in fact i paid to have dr web and spamassassin on it.
    And none is working correctly,
    seems like the mail are not scanned by spamssassin and dr web.
    So our customer still gest spam and viruses.

    I've read a lot of threads on this forum and it helps me to make the maps work (thank you all)

    But now i'm really disapointed, why should we pay for a thing that never worked?
    The support said the guarantee is expired, but what kind of warranty is it ?on something that doesn't work from the start.

    I mean, why should i pay the support? when there's a bug on plesk...

    Does any have a solution and some howto for spamassassin and dr web on debian.

    Best regards

  2. hardweb

    hardweb Guest

    What version of Plesk do you have installed? (the build is also important)
  3. slydahunter

    slydahunter Guest


    sorry for answering so late...

    My version of plesk is : 7.5.4
    drweb :4.32.2-1psa
    drweb-qmail : 4.32-debian3.1.build75050824.12
    psa-qmail-rblsmtpd 0.70-debian3.1.build75050824.12
    psa-spamassassin 7.5.4-debian3.1.build75050927.15
    spamassassin 3.0.4-2

    on my old server i used procmail (with sendmail)to filter spams (this was used for the whole server)
    but know with plesk, it's impossible...and spamassassin and dr web don't work...

    last days a new virus came to the internet and all of our customer have many many spams...

    Help me please, i don't know what to do anymore ...


  4. slydahunter

    slydahunter Guest


    all is ok now for dr web.

    after the installation i had to reinstall :

    i don't know what happend, but now it's ok...

    spamassassin is not kill as much mail as i want.
    in fact i don't know where's the problem but it's still letting passing through mails about viagra and porn, and i can't understand why...

    one other thing is that i wanted to use procmail to filter some mails object...but there are no explaination...

    thanks and best regards...