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Template Install / Uninstall

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.0 for Windows' started by snyhof, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. snyhof

    snyhof Guest

    Installing a 100 template pack with the compile.msi file is really fine.

    When you install a single template it really becomes a different use.

    When making a template using the SDK program, it all works. But there are always little things that need to be changed or fixed in the template.

    The only way to install an updated template is to uninstall the template from the Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs.
    Then run the compile.msi file to install again.

    (deleting the file from the folder does not remove it from the Add or Remove Programs. It will however allow you to install the template again. But before you know it, the Add or Remove Programs dialog is full of the same installations.)


    It would be nice if the install could ask to over-write the existing template.
  2. Alex Klimov

    Alex Klimov Guest

    Yes, you're right current model of deploying template pack is unhandy. We're considering ways to improve it.