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To SWSoft This is it for SiteBuilder?

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by Dotjinks, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Dotjinks

    Dotjinks Guest

    First, I love SiteBuilder and my customers love it.

    2.0 looks really great from the preview, but there had better be some real template building documentation if you really want to sell it.

    Where do the template designers hang out?

    Other tools like this one have entire web sites dedicated to designers and template building. Who's dropping the ball on this product? If you had a following or at least an unofficial template building web site you'd have more templates and more SiteBuilder sales.

    I've built three designs so far and it was hell to do with the minimal documentation provided. I had to dissect 10 or more of your existing templates before I could even get one of my designs to be recognized by SiteBuilder and that was after trying and giving up on following the template building guide's instructions.

    I'm no expert but if someone there at SWSoft will provide some information I'll be happy to write some articles about building templates for SiteBuilder. I'll even put up a community web site specifically for SiteBuilder template building.

    Without another 500 templates how can your product compete with the other tools out there that have well over a thousand decent templates