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Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by AlbertS, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. AlbertS

    AlbertS Guest


    Im wondering if nobody els experiance any ignorancy against sw-soft.

    They are launching every x periode a new update what resulst in some buggy stuf.. Dont they test there releases?

    I think 7.1.6 > 7.5 is a nice exsample.... data base problems, Qmail, webmail.. al kinds of problems.

    7.5 > 7.5.1 ... Same ****

    Are they testing there releases only on empty boxes or something? Dont they know 'we' are running websites that can't go down for anything.

    How hard can it be to release stable update procedures.. Im just to 'scared' to update.. Im still running on 7.1.6

    For fun they should test there updates on the box thats running sw-soft.com ... Is that even running on PSA?
  2. Ales

    Ales Basic Pleskian

    Mar 4, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I'd really like to know the answer to this last questionof yours... :D

    In my experience, Plesk used to be a sturdy control panel with limited features but also with very very little bugs that brought the sites down. That was in the Plesk 2.0-5.0 era... Hell, it was as stable as a brick.

    Than after SWsoft took over, Plesk got buggier, more expensive but also got a lot more features. The problem was, bug fix releases were far apart. Now since 7.1.x, SWsoft seems to have hastened the pace of bug fix releases, which is a great improvement.

    Nevertheless, our previous experiences made us accept our policy to skip first 3 or 4 subreleases, since they seem not to be stable enough to be used on live servers... So, unless severe security issues are discovered in the 7.1.x line, I'd wait for atleast 7.5.4 or so before upgrading.
  3. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

    With as many features they keep pumping into the releases, it will never be stable for everyone and only so much beta testing can be done. You can't account for everyone's server configuration nor can you spend all of your development time in testing, it has to be released at some point in time. These are the key points everyone here fails to see when they start complaining about the latest release..

    For me, I haven't had any issues upgrading, then again, I also wait till the first hotfix release after the initial release. And I roll it out on the low volume servers first for field testing before I roll it out to my high volume servers. I throw major releases/betas on test servers and load high volume sites to test everything (albeit in a controlled environment). You don't HAVE to upgrade the minute a new version is released. Problems are expected when you play on the bleeding edge. It's all in how you plan it. PSA has been rock solid on my servers since PSA6, even through upgrades.
  4. AlbertS

    AlbertS Guest

    Well duh. :p

    What I mean is should'nt sw-soft warn about this...
    For sure now everyone can 'update' a PSA based server in the control panel.. Just push a few buttons and ur ready, if ur lucky.

    "The first time" ( :rolleyes: ).. I ran plesk what is since ~ plesk 5.x I just ran the updates instantly.. What resulted in much bleeding (lol). These days I wait and wait till nobody has any problem with updating arround these forums. (and that takes alot of updates).

    And the same errors keep comming back up.. Its almost a never ending circle.