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[urgent] Can not access backup settings of domains

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by dedidude, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. dedidude

    dedidude Guest

    Logged in as Plesk admin, when going into the settings of the domain and then clicking on Backup, the page only shows:

    Rest of the page stays white.

    After this happens, I can try to click on anything else in the left menu, like Destop, Clients, Domains, but no page will load, I can only log out and back in.

    Version psa v8.6.0_build86080722.02 os_CentOS 4.2
    OS Linux 2.6.9-67.0.22.ELsmp
  2. Amin Taheri

    Amin Taheri Golden Pleskian Plesk Certified Professional

    Jul 5, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Seattle Area
    when you click on that link to generate the error, is there anything in the psa logs?

    I think its in
    /usr/local/psa/admin/logs/httpsd_error_log or something like that

    Try taking a look there and see if it has any useful info about your problem.
  3. dedidude

    dedidude Guest

    Yes, I can see something in the logs when the error occurs:

  4. dedidude

    dedidude Guest

    I think I reproduced the error on another Plesk 8.6.0 server I have!
    (So now I have the same problem on two servers and can't access the backups anymore, logs show the same errors on both servers now.)

    You can try it, but you won't be able to enter the "Backup" page of any domain on the server anymore afterwards and you can't do anything in Plesk afterwards except log out and back in. Then you can work in Plesk again unless you click on Backup when it freezes again:

    You click "Domains" in the left navigation, then select any domain, then "Backup", then click on "FTP repository" or something like that, I can't get to it anymore, so I don't remember the name. Then I think you let either the Plesk session expire, change the expiry time of a Plesk session, and the next time to you log into Plesk and click on any domain and then backup, it seems to try to load the FTP repository setup page first, not the default Backup page, and then the error occurs.
  5. dedidude

    dedidude Guest

    I have submitted bug report and support requests to Plesk / Parallels, and have not gotten any responses or support.

    I have the domain backup functionality of 2 Plesk servers broken running the latest 8.6.0.

    How do I get this fixed?
  6. dedidude

    dedidude Guest

    What I found in the Plesk error log actually occurs when going to the Plesk Desktop, not when trying to access any backup settings. So disregard it, it seems to be unrelated.

    The problem remains, on two of my servers that are updated to 8.6.0 I can not access any backup settings at all.
    The servers are in different datacenters and run different OS and kernels.

    Plesk Control Panel psa v8.6.0_build86080822.20 os_CentOS 5
    Operating system Linux 2.6.18-53.el5
    Plesk Control Panel psa v8.6.0_build86080822.20 os_CentOS 4.2
    Operating system Linux 2.6.9-67.0.22.ELsmp

    Does nobody else have this problem?

    - You log into Plesk 8.6.0 as admin
    - You click on domains
    - You click on any domain
    - You click the Backup icon

    and then the frameset loads, but the main frame remains white, no content in it, the page load in the browser shows as 100% loaded but it doesn't stop loading (mouse pointer with hourglass).

    You can click browsers stop button, but then no links in the Plesk gui are responsive, except logout.

    Default interface language, default skin.

    This happens with the latest updated Opera browser:
    Version information Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en; rv:1.8.1) Gecko/20061208 Firefox/2.0.0 Opera 9.52
    Version 9.52 Build 10108 Platform Win32 System Windows XP
  7. daffoml

    daffoml Guest

    Did anyone find a solution for this?

    Mine seems to work off and on. Haven't pinned down a reason yet.