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Website still not working - need help!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by systemfx, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. systemfx

    systemfx Guest

    Hi all,

    I have tried everything and I have been through 4 books on Windows 2003/IIS administration, and still my website does not work!

    - So I need some questions answered.

    Question 1: All these books say different things, but one thing I came away with is, that you can put a web directory anywhere on your harddrive and should work? Correct?

    - i have tried using IIS Manager to set up the website, and now plesk is making it difficult.

    Where is the default directory of websites? Some say c:\inetpub\ wwwroot, others say c:\inetpub\svhosts. Where is the proper directory?

    Question 2:
    Can I disable plesk? It seems to be causing more problems than it solves.

    Question 3: Everytime I make changes to a website configuration and permissions, should I reboot the server?

    I personally thought that it was immediately effective without rebooting the server.....

    Question 4: If the the default configuration of a website or web application is WORKER ISOLATION MODE, could this be the problem preventing anyone from seeing my sites?

    Question 5: Plesk seems to me as a more simplified approach to website administration, so when I make changes in plesk 7.5.4, they should be reflected in Windows Server 2003?

    But what about the other way round? what if I make changes to Windows 2003 server, should the changes be reflected immediately in PLESK?

    Thanx in advance
  2. JAFO@

    JAFO@ Guest

    Honestly, Plesk makes admin's life a lot easier. In fact, you don't have to read all these books when using plesk.

    So, here are the answers:

    1. Default directory of websites is C:\inetpub\vhosts, but you can set any different using Plesk Reconfigurator. (D:\MyWebsites\myserverrulezzz, for instance)

    2. Stop Plesk services or uninstall

    3. No

    4. No, this prevents all websites from crashing if one of them crashes. it's the matter of stability,

    5. Yes, yes

    Plesk doesn't know about any configuration you made in you IIS manager. Plesk is the only source of configuration.

    The sollution is: Forget about IIS manager!!
    Use reconfigurator to setup home directory of websites, use plesk to create web-directories and stuff, Plesk will take care of everything else (system users, web-site structure, worker-processes etc.) You can find a lot of Plesk's superawesome features in Plesk manual. As I've said previously, you don't even need to login to your Windows 2003 and learn all that stuff about IIS. Read Plesk's manual and your lfe will be 1000 times easier.

    Examples: I want to setup a website, I have o follow all that instuctions in book, but if i use Plesk instead, I will create one with 2 button clicks!!

    I you have difficulties, just write in this thread.
  3. systemfx

    systemfx Guest

    ok, your answers make sense...

    But where is the Plesk Reconfigurator? I can't find it anywhere!

    Is it default with Plesk 7.5.4?

    Where is the programs location?
  4. JAFO@

    JAFO@ Guest

    Yeah, it's in Program Files/swsoft/plesk/admin/bin

    or in Start menu, SWSoft group
  5. systemfx

    systemfx Guest

    Actually I found the Reconfigurator, mate. The only way to find it
    is to find it under programs - plesk - plesk re-configurator.

    However, it does not solve my problem. I ran a couple of the utilities, check permissions on disk, and virtual hosts. This does not solve my problem.

    Ok, do you HAVE to have a virtual directory? Cause I don't

    I just have our website files in the standard vhosts directory.

    ex: c:\inetpub\vhosts\mydomain

    Additionally, I have cold fusion 5.0 server installed and it is currently mapped to the c:inetpub\vhosts directory.

    I am really confused!
  6. systemfx

    systemfx Guest

    I am getting "Page not found" error messages. Our domains seems to be found - so the dns settings are correct.

    However, the cfm pages are there in the proper directories, yet it still cannot find the pages.

    Im lost.
  7. systemfx

    systemfx Guest

    The actual error I am getting when trying access our sites

    HTTP 400 - Bad Request

    And of course the page is not being displayed. Just thought this error might give you a clue to help me.
  8. JAFO@

    JAFO@ Guest

    Now I really don't understand. What's your problem? You wanted to change vhosts location? Open reconfigurator, and click Virtual hosts location.

    Have you enabled CF on domain through Plesk? If yes, then re-enable it.
    If this will not work, goto IIS, properties of your domain --> home directory --> Configuration and check if .cfm extension is present.

    Just tell me what problems do you have EXACTLY, not simply 'this doesn't work'. It's impossible to assume what do you have there.
  9. systemfx

    systemfx Guest

    Ok mate,

    I have a fresh install of Windows 2003, running PLESK 7.5.4
    as of October 5th.

    We are running Cold Fusion 5.0 Server with that.

    The whole thing has never worked and I am pretty experienced in the industry. Although this is being hosted for us via our hosting service. So maybe they screwed up the install.

    I have properly installed the MIME extensions for Cold Fusion per Macromedia. Didn't even seem to make much difference. I have a fair bit of experience dealing with Cold Fusion Administration. I can't even get the index.cfm file to show up on our site.

    So I thought that the problem might have been the location of the website files. But now I doesnt seem that is the case here.

    How would I go about RESETTING PLESK completely? Without reinstalling, as we would not do that, the server hosting company would.

    Would I get that done through REPAIR plesk installation?

    Is it possible to reset Windows 2003 from scratch also, cause when I could not make plesk work for our site, I started working on Windows 2003 thinking that the problem was there. Changing settings in the permissions to allow for access. Nope that did not work either.

    Although I did manage to drop the network authentication login screens that were haunting us at first.

    At that time, the anonymous access was NOT enabled inside of windows, even after the plesk installation. (which i starting working on first after installation) Then after realizing that our websites were not working, I starting working on Windows 2003.

    I have installed all the HOTFIXs for plesk and windows thinking that this was the case also....NO EFFECT.

    When I tried accessing our site over the last few days, all I have managed to do is get the PLESK "this domain is not configured" message page on our domains.

    Now, I can't even get the plesk "domain not configured" message. I am now starting to get alot of errors within plesk stating that things are missing because I was changing stuff inside of Windows 2003 web Edition.

    This whole thing has made me ill. I find it hard to believe that on a fresh install of Windows Web Server Edition 2003, that plesk "just runs right out of the box". Which, by my recent experience, It certainly DOES NOT.

    Although I will state that we had our mailboxs working in the first hour.

    If you can ask me specific things, I can give you a more specific answer.
  10. JAFO@

    JAFO@ Guest

    There is no acceptable way of resetting Plesk and IIS to default without reinstalling.
    Though, you might try the following:
    Delete all sites from Plesk,
    Delete all custom sites from IIS manually,
    Then you can try creating sites in Plesk from scratch. (never touch anything in Windows or IIS if not troubleshooting) and re- uploading them via FTP or FileManager.

    Sorry, but you seem to have too many issues to be described. You can have Plesk Support to login and check things out, you still have 30 day trial period, I assume. These folks really helped me much when I was just starting using Plesk.

    "this domain is not configured" - means that this site is turned off in IIS.
    There is nothing unfixable, I bet.
    Cheers matey, bye.