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Where the heck are the mail logs in 8?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by carliebentley, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. carliebentley

    carliebentley Guest

    Normally I could log in through an SSH and jump right to the maillog and tail it to see what was going on.

    However, after my upgrade to 8, (which by all appearances worked fine) the maillog files are all blank.

    I'm just about to throw a very expensive fit, and get my money back for those unlimited licenses I popped for.
  2. dirty@

    dirty@ Guest

    it is /usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog (or /opt/psa/var/log/maillog in some OSes)... examine /etc/syslog.conf -- there is defined to log mail.* messages into the above log file.. if it is ok, then try to restart syslogd service and then qmail -- it should start logging..