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banner issue

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 3.2 for Windows' started by courtney, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. courtney

    courtney Guest

    I am getting this error while trying to upload an image for the template banner.

    I have yet to find a template that I can upload an image for the banner without getting this message. I AM A BEGINNER here so please go easy. Please help!

    Cannot upload the template because the banner of this template consists of multiple parts. Please choose another template.
  2. Sinclair

    Sinclair Guest

    We are sorry for inconvenience. The next version will be much more friendly for the ones like you who would want to upload their own header.
    In the meanwhile, here is the list of some templates that should support header upload:
    aa-03, aa-05, aa-08, aa-10, aa-11
    as-02, as-03, as-04, as-06, as-07
    av-074, av-137, av-139, av-140, av-141, av-171, av-195, av-198, av-206
    av-214, av-246, av-258, av-262
    business-001, business-009, business-011, business-013, business-017
    business-019, business-021, business-022, business-023, business-024
    business-026, business-027, business-030, business-033, business-035
    cafe_and_restaurant-002, cafe_and_restaurant-004, cafe_and_restaurant-005
    chr-01, chr-02, chr-03, chr-04, chr-05, chr-06, chr-07, chr-08, chr-10
    chr-11, chr-12, chr-13, chr-14, chr-15, chr-17, chr-21, chr-23, chr-24
    eug-01, eug-09, eug-11, eug-12, eug-13, eug-14, eug-16, eug-18, eug-19
    eug-27, eug-29, eug-31, eug-32, eug-33, eug-34, eug-35, eug-36, eug-38
    eug-39, eug-40, eug-41, fashion-001, fashion-004, fashion-005,
    food_and_drink-001, food_and_drink-002
    food_and_drink-003, food_and_drink-004
    interior_and_furniture-001, interior_and_furniture-002, interior_and_furniture-003
    moto_car-002, moto_car-003
    music-001, music-002
    night_club-001, night_club-002, night_club-004
    personal-003, personal-006, personal-007, personal-010, personal-013
    personal-014, personal-015, personal-016, personal-019, personal-020
    personal-021, personal-022, personal-023, personal-024, personal-025
    personal-026, personal-027, personal-028, personal-029, personal-030
    personal-031, personal-032, personal-033, personal-034, personal-036
    personal-038, personal-039
    travel-001, travel-003
    vap-02, vap-05, vap-07, vap-09, vap-10, vap-11, vap-12, vap-13, vap-15
    vap-18, vap-21, vap-22, vap-26, vap-28, vap-30, vap-31, vap-33, vap-34
    vap-35, vap-38, vap-40, vap-41, vap-43, vap-44, vap-45, vap-47, vap-48
    vap-49, vap-51, vap-52, vap-53, vap-56, vap-58, vap-59, vap-62, xbs-04
    xbs-11, xbs-14, xdim-01, xec-01, xet-05, xet-06, xet-10, xet-11,
    xet-16, xet-17, xeug-01, xeug-02, xeug-03, xeug-04, xeug-06, xeug-07
    xeug-08, xeug-15, xeug-17, xeug-18, xeug-20, xeug-21, xfil-02, xmp-02
    xmp-04, xmp-05, xmp-06, xmp-10, xmp-11, xrot-03, xsk-01, xsk-02
    xsk-05, xsk-08, xsk-09, xsk-10, xsk-11, xsk-13, xsk-14, xsk-16,
    xsk-17, xsk-18, xsk-19, xsk-21, xww-04, xww-09, xww-10, xww-15
    xww-16, xww-18, xww-20, xww-21, xww-22, xww-23, xww-24, xww-25
    xww-30, xww-34, zeug-02, zeug-03, zeug-04, zeug-05, zeug-08,
    zeug-09, zeug-11, zeug-13, zsk-01, zsk-03, zsk-05, zsk-07, zsk-16
    zsk-17, zsk-18, zsk-19
  3. courtney

    courtney Guest

    Thank you

    That helps tremendously!! Thank you!