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Complete DNS implementation guide

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by CritiKill, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. CritiKill

    CritiKill Guest

    Hi there,

    I am looking to setup 2 x Plesk 7.5 servers for my hosting environment. One server will be running Windows 2003 and the other Linux. I have a serious problem with regards to DNS management.

    I have 2 x dedicated DNS servers. How do I setup Plesk so that Plesk updates the DNS records directly for any domains that I add or remove?

    Please could somebody provide me with a detailed technical solution on how I can kill this DNS beast once and for all. Please provide as much detail as possible and reference it to your own DNS solution.

    Many thanks for any/all responses.
  2. cyberdude

    cyberdude Guest

    the best solutions use www.dnsmadeeassy.com its reliable i dont trust plesk's dns, and its always good to have dns servers not inhoused, dnsmadeeassy lets you do almost everything you need
  3. memdy

    memdy Guest

    unless i'm missing the point of your question, DNS management is built into Plesk already. So there is skeleton template that gets created for the domains you add/remove. You can also add additional DNS entries if you need them for each domain.
  4. smj001

    smj001 Guest

    Integrated DNS

    Hi, did anyone post any useful info for this as i am also wondering how to integrate 2 installations of plesk (linux / w2k3) into our existing ISP network.

    our top level name servers are NS01.saqnet.co.uk and NS02.saqnet.co.uk.

    When a domain is addedd to the plesk control panel i need plesk to update or add the NS record to our primary and secondary DNS servers.

    I do not wish to use 3rd part DNS since my current network hosts its own DNS.

    thanks for any info - feel free to email me at simonmjones@gmail.com if you prefer.

    Cheers :confused:
  5. CBiLL

    CBiLL Guest

  6. smj001

    smj001 Guest

    Hi Bill,

    thanks for the link but I already run a DNS control panel which manages the records via a web control panel front end, all i need to try and understand is how plesk will integrate with either the DNS servers (running RH9 + BIND) or the present control panel system, surely if ISP's are running plesk they must have this system setup since you wouldn't want to have 50 web servers all running their own primary and secondary DNS? I would have thought that these servers just pump the data through the the primary and sec servers which are known by the registrars...

    The most sensible way would be to update the existing prim and sec servers wouldn't it? or am I missing some huge point here?

    thanks for any help :)

  7. Mark Priest

    Mark Priest Guest

    im also interested in this i have three servers 2 linux 1 windows and would like to know how to set up the dns so that all look at the same nameservers etc....
  8. alanjshea

    alanjshea Guest

    I've just done this myself.

    The default Plesk zone creates a nameserver of ns.domain.tld, so just make your main DNS servers slaves of the Plesk server (I don't know the mechanics of doing this on various platforms, I'm using ZoneEdit for this). Add these server IPs to the Common ACL under Server -> DNS to allow them to do zone transfers.

    You will also need to add NS records to your domain.tld zone, and add ns.domain.tld as a nameserver at the domain registry.

    Plesk server has ns.domain.tld

    Your servers are ns1.mydomain.tld and ns2.mydomain.tld.

    Querying ns.domain.tld for nameservers of domain.tld should give these results: