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Custom Modules?

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by TubuNet, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. TubuNet

    TubuNet Guest

    I guess this is something of a challenge to the SWSoft staff.
    I've looked through all the posts on here over the past year and there have been a number of posts about modules and whether we can create cusom ones. There has never been a response from SWSoft.

    Does anyone know? has anyone tried? Anyone got any information?
    Can it even be done?
  2. citrus

    citrus Guest

    Have you ever contacted sw-soft by mail?

    I don't think that this can be done, the whole code is encrypted, but I would ask them.
  3. zero@

    zero@ Guest

    Starting on this tomorrow

    I was one of the people who asked the board without a response.

    I know it CAN be done, but I'm still not sure how difficult it is. They do have API documentation, which is rather thorough. It would be nice if they included more examples, but I'm not complaining.

    The app itself may be compiled, but the modules are not. You can see the currently installed modules on your server at:


    I'll be starting on building some custom modules tomorrow (hopefully - I'm swamped right now), and I'll report back with my progress (if I have any). If they are generic enough (and if I ever finish!), I will gladly share with whoever wants them.
  4. thawebmaster

    thawebmaster Guest

    This is interesting. Have you made any progress yet?
  5. zero@

    zero@ Guest

    Not yet - I had some paying projects take precedence. C'est la vie.