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DrWeb still dead

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by MerK, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. MerK

    MerK Guest

    i upgraded from 7.1.6 to 7.5.0 but i still my drweb dont work. problem started when i updated from 7.1.5 to 7.1.6 i thought upgrading to 7.5.0 from 7.1.6 would fix the problem but it aint :( can anyone help

  2. JoaoCorreia

    JoaoCorreia Guest

    Solution !

    qmail-scanner with ClamAV from ART is the solution !

    SBCTEC Guest

    I have to agree. I was skeptical at first but I'm currently using ARTs qmail-scanner. You can install it with yum, it's really easy and efficient. I opted to use a more elaborate antivirus software (Sophos Sweep). Kind of have to support the company seeing as how I am a Sophos Partner. The sweep scanner with ARTs rpm works perfect, even through upgrades of Plesk.
  4. insel

    insel Guest

    Re: Solution !

    There is no other solution for drweb problems? Strange little piece of software it seems.

    drweb should work without keyfile - is that right? If not, then "Key file not found!" is the reason for problems...

    I do have

    Mon Feb 7 17:26:27 2005 Key file not found!
    Mon Feb 7 17:26:27 2005 Daemon is enabled for protecting x e-mail`s:

    drweb is protecting these e-mails by deleteing virus-mails without notice, which is bad!

  5. Whistler

    Whistler Guest

    What do you mean by - "Don't work"? As far as I can tell from your posting it works fine?

    If you're refering to the fact that your virusbase is old ... you should remember to run the drweb/update/update.pl script.
  6. zacpac

    zacpac Guest

    you haven't got your key installed, i had this problem and had to manually copy it to /opt/drweb/ and then a restart and volia it works and finds the key

  7. sammykona

    sammykona Guest

    I'd actually like to know how to keep it dead.
    verytime I shut down Dr web from the Service Management page, it will come back to life on its own a few hours later or the next day.
  8. zacpac

    zacpac Guest

    how about unistalling it ???
  9. sammykona

    sammykona Guest

    knowing my luck, I'll uninstall and find out it was connected to spamassassin somehow and then the server will crash :)
    Is it ok to uninstall drweb? Or is there a .conf file for it somewhere telling it to not do anything?
  10. leobag

    leobag Guest

    I too would like to know if there is a way to put Dr.Web to sleep and not have it touch any mail or other files (like those in the bin directory of qmail).

    I am afraid to uninstall it because I don't want it to break anything. For example, what happens to the files owned by drweb (like files in /var/qmail/bin) if it is uninstalled?
  11. zacpac

    zacpac Guest

    i think you can do it in the conf files

    what happens if you stop the dr web service does mail still get delievered ?
  12. leobag

    leobag Guest

    I haven't tried disabling the service... again, mostly because there are people that need this server working and I don't want to break anything.

    this person seemed to have issues when stopping the service, and so did this person. I think I also remembered reading that someones server kept restarting it after they stopped it (could have been via command line, however)