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eshop error

Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by Nate Custer, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Nate Custer

    Nate Custer Guest

    I have been able to get a php error in sitebuilder, steps to reproduce:

    1) Make a category and sub-categories for products.
    2) Add products to said sub-categories.
    3) Category is deleted (with that sub-categories too got deleted automatically)
    4) Clicked edit icon (pencil mark) for a product that was earlier placed under one of the subcategories.
    5) Error generated at every such edit attempt

    File: /usr/local/sitebuilder/include/SB/Modules/NestedCategory/Broker.php
    Line: 106
    Message: PHP Notice : Undefined index: name
    Code: 8

    Host: sitebuilder.websitewelcome.com
    Request URI: /Wizard/Edit/Modules/Eshop/Product/Edit?id=1
    Request method: GET

    Sitebuilder version: 4.5.0
    Sitebuilder build: 2009060515

    Is there a way to correct this?

    Nate C