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ftp backups suddenly create Server repository backup instead

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by rcharamella, May 25, 2009.

  1. rcharamella

    rcharamella Guest

    Hi all,

    I've had ftp backups running for about 5 months now without a problem. I've been running 9.0.1 for the last few of those months. 2 weeks ago I got some warning messages that the server was running out of space. I found the space was being eaten up by local Server repository backups that look like this backup_domain.com_info_0905210517.xml. All backups are set to backup to an ftp server. That server still has over 5 gb of space left.

    I haven't touched the backups in months so I don't understand where these new backup files are coming from. And, the backups are set to only store the latests one, but I am getting multiples of these files. So many had been created that the server shut down today because it didn't have any disk space left.

    Where did these backups come from and how do I get them to stop? How do I get the server to do what I asked it to do and store the backups on the ftp server?

  2. Morditech.com

    Morditech.com Guest

    Has anyone figured this out?

    I am having the same issue now and I am wondering if anyone has figured out why this is happening and how it can be stopped. I do not want the FTP server backups to also create Server repository backups for the clients and domains on the server.
  3. rcharamella

    rcharamella Guest

    If I remember correctly, the issue was that the ftp server was full so there wasn't any room for external backups. I think I cleared some space on the ftp server then deleted the local backups to fix the problem.