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Installation of Sitebuilder 3.2 for Windows Server 2003

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 3.2 for Windows' started by brightscapenl, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. brightscapenl

    brightscapenl Guest


    Got all components required installed on my server Windows 2K3 Web edition.

    When trying to install SB 3.2, it comes after SQL engine selector with error:

    Code 2738, there is an error when installing from this package.

    Tried to download it twice, but no result.

    Can anyone help? :(
  2. ail1

    ail1 Guest


    I suggest that you install sitebuilder latest 3.2.1 version
    http://www.swsoft.com/en/products/sitebuilder/win/ ?

    Try to install it with included SQLEXPRESS instance, this should work.

    Another way, if you have SQL Server installed and want it to store Sitebuilder's database to
    You would need to check SQL Server communications:

    To configure MS SQL Server (if you have installed it before) you should
    perform following steps:

    1. Make sure sql has "SQL server and windows" authentication. Open SQL
    server enterprise manager, expand tree until you reach your server, right
    click on it, select properties. Select Security Tab and in
    authentication choose the SQLserver and Windows.

    2. Make sure TCP/IP protocol is enabled. Once again Open SQL server
    enterprise manager, expand tree until you reach your server, right click
    on it, select properties. In general tab, click network configuration,
    and check if TCP/IP is on the right under enabled protocols, if not, choose it from
    the left under disabled protocols and click enable to pass it to the right.

    3. Restart SQL server and sql server agent (if you have it installed)

    4. Check communications. Open a command prompt window
    (start/run/cmd-enter) and run the command:
    telnet localhost 1433.

    If you get a blank dos windows, it's OK, otherwise you'll get some error (try verifying that TCP protocol is enabled)

    5. Check account. You probably have the 'sa' account under SQL server.
    To check it, once more Open SQL server enterprise manager, expand tree
    until you reach your server, and this time expand the server, then
    expand security and click over logins. On the right side of the window,
    you should have the 'sa'. Right click on the 'sa', choose properties,
    clear password and choose some password (can be the same, this is just
    for beeing sure it's the right password), hit OK and confirm the
    password you'll use in next step(I advise not to leave it blank for
    security reasons).

    To check if this account realy works, open a command prompt window
    (start/run/cmd-enter) enter the command:
    osql -U<user> -P<yoursecurepassword>

    If your command prompt gets:
    then it's OK

    If SQLServer is OK then I suggest you to ask swsoft support via https://register.swsoft.com/support/sitebuilder/form.php

    they might help since it is installation issue
  3. Alex Klimov

    Alex Klimov Guest

    This is a good way to check your SQL server settings and it will probably solve your problem.

    But you can also get some information about installation from Windows Event Log.
    Please open Windows Run dialog (press 'Start' button on desktop, then choose 'Run...' menu item; or press 'windows+R'). In run dialog enter 'eventvwr' (without quotes) and press enter. You'll see 'Event Viewer' window. Choose 'Application', find log entries from SiteBuilder installer and post it here please.