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Installing SiteBuilder on a CPanel Machine

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by mattp, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. mattp

    mattp Guest


    We are running a WHM/CPanel dedicated server on RHEL3 with
    - CentOS 3.5 i686
    - WHM 10.6.0
    - cPanel 10.6.0-R55
    - apache 1.3.33
    - PHP 4.3.11
    - MySQL 4.0.25

    I am going through the info in sitebuilder-ig.pdf, and have run into a problem.

    I have gone through the "System Requirements" and we have all of them installed

    However when I execute the command "rpm -Uhv *.rpm", I get -
    error: Failed dependencies:
    httpd is needed by Sitebuilder-2.0.0-rhel3.build050606.17
    php >= 4.3 is needed by Sitebuilder-2.0.0-rhel3.build050606.17
    php-mysql is needed by Sitebuilder-2.0.0-rhel3.build050606.17
    Suggested resolutions:

    I know that these three software packages are installed. So what can I do to get the SiteBuilder installer to recognise them?

    Someone claims to have done it here, but no details are provided...

    Matt Phillips
  2. mattp

    mattp Guest