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"Lame" nameserver

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by engteng, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. engteng

    engteng Guest


    I'd set up the DNS setting as below, but the issue is that i got the error message (see below) that complaints about lame nameserver. Is it because of the 72 hours of propagation period or some other issues?

    Please help!

    Host Record type Value
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ / 24 PTR videonewmedia.com.
    blog.videonewmedia.com. A
    ftp.videonewmedia.com. CNAME videonewmedia.com.
    mail.videonewmedia.com. A
    mssql.videonewmedia.com. A
    ns.videonewmedia.com. A
    ns1.videonewmedia.com. A
    photo.videonewmedia.com. A
    sitebuilder.videonewmedia.com. A
    videonewmedia.com. NS ns.videonewmedia.com.
    videonewmedia.com. NS ns1.videonewmedia.com.
    videonewmedia.com. A
    videonewmedia.com. MX (10) mail.videonewmedia.com.
    webmail.videonewmedia.com. A
    www.videonewmedia.com. CNAME videonewmedia.com.

    Error Message (from http://pingability.com/zoneinfo.jsp?domain=www.videonewmedia.com)
    The name server did not return any SOA records. This could indicate a 'lame' nameserver - one that is listed as authoratative, but does not return any information for the zone.

    Error from the Event Viewer
    zone 0.0.127.in-addr.arpa/IN: NS 'ip-' has no address records (A or AAAA)
  2. viking278

    viking278 Guest

    Did you find a solution to this problem?

    I have the exact same problem, and I just would like to know how you solved this?